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Professional Solutions

Manufacturing of the Original Polymeric GFT PVA-Membranes and membrane modules for Pervaporation (PV), Vapour Permeation (VP) for dehydration of Organic Solvents and Solvent Mixtures.
Development of Membrane Enhanced Processes including PV and VP with GFT PVA Pervaporation Membrane, if applicable with NaA Zeolite Ceramic Membranes, or Organophilic Membranes.
Development of Application Optimized Membranes and Processes for the chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industry, including PV, VP, UF, NF, RO.
Manufacturing of Membrane Enhanced Process plants including hybrid separation and reactors for the chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industry

Vapor permeation and pervaporation membrane supplier

OEM Replacement of PVA-Membranes and NaA Membranes and Modules and Revamping of existing PV/VP and Hybrid Plants.

Consulting for Membrane Enhanced Process Applications and Hybrid Systems