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  • GFT_MES_pervaporation_plant


    Industrial membrane plants

    Completely industrial membrane plants for different applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry

  • GFT_assembling _of_ceramic_membranes


    Membrane modules replacement

    Replacement of membranes and modules for pervaporation and vapor permeation plants with polymeric (PVA) and ceramic (NaA zeolite) membranes

  • GFT_vapor_pervaporation_Membrane__pilot_plant


    Membrane pilot plants

    Membrane pilot plants and Lab-units for different applications

  • 3D_Vapor_permeation_plant


    2D and 3D planning

    • Concept, basic, detailed and workshop engineering
    • 2D / 3D planning
    • Plants for manual and fully automatic operation
    • Assistance for erection and start up
  • GFT _evaporator_for_yeast_recycling


    Hybrid systems

    Hybrid systems i. e. PV/VP with

    • Distillation columns for biofuels and biochemicals
    • Evaporators for chemical and food industry
    • Adsorbtion/Absorbtion
    • Systems for ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge)