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GFT is the specialist for Separation Solutions for Processes with Membrane Systems

Water removal from solvents by hydrophilic Pervaporation (PV) or Vapour Permeation (VP)

  • Removal of water from IPA / EtOH / MeOH / ACN / THF / Acetone / MEK etc.
  • Removal of water from organic acids
  • Removal of water from water forming reaction mixtures

Methanol removal by Pervaporation (PV) or Vapour Permeation (VP)

  • Membrane systems for removal of Methanol from TMB / MTAC / MTBE etc.

Blower_for_gas_separation_2Gas Separation (GS) and Gas Dehydration

  • Separation of O2 and N2
  • Separation of CO2 and H2 / CO2 and H2S from biogas and natural gas etc.
  • Removal of water from gases (e. g. monochlormethane)

Removal/Recovery of organics from aqueous solutions and waste air by organophilic Pervaporation (PV) or Vapour Permeation (VP)

  • Recovery / Removal of Solvents / Benzene / MEK / VOC / TCE / BTEX etc.
  • Removal of products (EtOH, BuOH etc.) from fermentation processes
      • Removal of organics i.e. Olefins, Paraffin’s, Aromatics etc.

Ultrafiltration (UF) & Nanofiltration (NF)

(Continuous operation of process without chemical cleaning)

  • Enzyme recycling in Biofuels and Biochemical Production
  • Sterilization of liquid food products, Clarification of fruit juices
  • Yeast recycling

Reverse Osmosis (RO) & Electrochemical Processes e.g. Electrodialysis (ED)

  • Desalination of organic solutions
  • Desalination of waste water
  • Redox flow battery

GFT membrane based separation solutions

Together with combination of conventional processes (distillation, absorption, adsorption, evaporation etc.) are the basis to fulfill the requirements in the next decades for reduction of green house emissions, reduction of solid and liquid waste, optimal raw material utilization and energy saving.