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Gas separation processes using polymeric and ceramic membranes are today state of the art. Membranes can be used for separating of gas mixtures or purification of gases.

Industrial gases can be also dehydrated by using membrane technology. A very interesting application is the dehydration of gases with the PVA membranes. For example in a small plant a water/monochlormethane-stream has been dehydrated from 3’000 ppm down to 200 ppm.


Polymeric and ceramic membranes for gas separation and gas dehydration can be used in following cases:

  • Separation of O2 and N2 from air
  • Separation of CO2 and H2 / CO2 and H2S from biogas and natural gas
  • Removal of water from gases (e. g. monochlormethane, natural gas)
  • Separation of hydrogen from methane or nitrogen
  • Recovery of hydrogen in oil refineries or ammonia plants
  • Oxygen enrichment of air
  • Removal of volatile organic liquids (VOL) from air
  • Enrichment of nitrogen for inerting systems to prevent tank explosions

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