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Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration plants with ceramic membranes built by GFT are equipped with innovative continuous online backwashing system using pressured air or nitrogen. UF plants with backwashing system are suitable for viscously media and can be applied for enzyme recycling, for example amylase recycling for glucose production, lipase recycling by FAME production, yeast and bacteria recycling for various products in the biochemical and pharmaceutical industry and sterilization of food products.

Recycling of enzymes by various production steps in the biochemical, pharmaceutical and beverage industry allows to keep high enzyme concentration in reactor and leads to a short process time. Products with high molecular weight like starch can remain in the reactor and low molecular products like glucose can be transported through the UF membrane.

The advantage of the combination of ceramic UF, MF of NF membranes with the continuous backwashing system are the long-term continuous operation periods and the saving in enzymes and microorganisms. Furthermore, chemicals for cleaning can be reduced drastically.


GFT ultrafiltration plant for enzyme recycling


Comparison of permeate flows with and without backwashing


Simplified starch saccharification process diagram using ultrafiltration for enzyme recycling


Reducing of starch saccharification time using UF membranes for continuous enzyme recycling

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